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Muhammad-Haneen - War brought us together
“We are from the same town in Syria, but never met before the war.  When the fighting started our families moved to the same neighborhood.  So, I guess you can say that the war brought us together.  We knew we loved each other from the first. That was two years go. “
“We didn’t have a party for the wedding.  ISIS ruled our town and it was forbidden to have a noisy party.  If you did have a gathering, it had to be very quiet and locked in the house. It was dangerous. That is no way to celebrate. So we didn’t have a party. This was very, very hard on Haneen.  Everytime she sees a wedding on TV or a wedding dress, she gets upset.”
“We left Syria for Turkey because there is nothing left where we are from.  Not my home. Not my work.  It’s ruled by IS.  We moved to Turkey with some family, but they are no longer in Turkey.  They took a boat to Greece, then went to Germany.  We didn’t go, because we didn’t have money to pay the smugglers.  But, this was for the best.  Right now, I’m so happy that we are going to Canada.  It is for my own good that I didn’t take the boat.  Now, my family in Germany wishes they were with us moving to Canada.”
“What do I want most in Canada?  To have a wedding party for my wife in Canada.  All I want is to make her happy.  That would really make her happy.”

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