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The US Refugee Program (USRP) is one of the largest continuing activities of IOM Turkey; it targets mostly Iraqi refugees but also Iranian as well other nationality currently present in Turkey under temporary humanitarian protection. IOM Turkey runs movement operations to the United States in coordination with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC and the Turkish Authorities.

Since February 2007, when the Iraqi refugees’ resettlement program started in the earnest, IOM Turkey and its partners have assisted 6034 Iraqi refugees to resettle in the USA out of a total 8724 refugees from various nationalities such as Iranians, Afghani and few Somali cases.

Such a quick expansion of the program over the two years was made possible by the coordination between the main players in Turkey ( IOM, UNHCR and ICMC) and the assistance of the Operations Staff based in Ankara and Istanbul Offices.

The U.S. Government has pledged to admit about 4000 refugees over the course of U.S. Fiscal Year 2010.

- Detailed online information for resettlement to USA can be found here. (also available in Arabic)

- To check you flight dates online please click here. You may alternatively call +90 312 454 11 44 only on Wednesdays to check your flight time via phone or ask questions regarding your flight. Phone inquiry is only available in Turkish or English.

- To check important details (ie baggage size) about flights to USA please click here.


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